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You can make a Difference!

The World Bank reports the majority of Ugandans still live on US $1 a day.

• US $30.00 feeds a household of 5-7 for about 10 -15 days.

• US $30.00 provides home care medicine and vitamins for 5-7 family members who get sick during this second COVID-19 surge.

Words of Hope Africa (WOHA) is in a strategic position to bring aid and comfort to some very needy households who are suffering in a second lockdown. WOHA serves widows, orphans, elderly, those with AIDS, pastors and churches. We want to reach as many as possible with Christ’s love and support during this crisis. WOHA urgently needs your donations to provide food and home care supplies. COVID vaccines in Uganda are scarce, and none are available for the general population at this time (see previous posts).

Please pray earnestly for Uganda and give generously.


A village served by Words of Hope Africa.

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