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Update from Pastor Enoch

Greetings to everyone and praying the good Lord is keeping everyone safe. We bless the Lord. The last time I sen

t an update our country was being ravaged by the second wave of Covid. Thanks be to God because we seem to have gotten that under control and life has almost normalized.

During that period, our ministry was able to help over 166 families with donations of food and medications and we also managed to send each community $100 from the group fund.

We have started to receive our rains and families are putting up seeds in the ground. The group fund helps poor families to borrow money to buy seeds and pay back in small installments. We believe this is a much better approach as the groups have control mechanisms and can look after their fund. We have been able to plant seed at the Hope Center to help provide food for the Hope Center family.

Because God has been faithfully providing through our donors and partners, in three weeks time 1000 broiler chickens will be sh

ared with seven communities. Those are cross-bred chicks obtained from the National Animal Genetic Resource Center. They are able to free range and lay more eggs and are dual-purpose-both meat and eggs. Buying these chicks from a farm at one month old (this is a stage where all vaccines are done and the chick is able to free range) would cost us about $3000. This would take us months to raise. So because I have experience in poultry farming and have used good workers before, I made a short-cut. I bought the chicks at a day old and put them in a brooder and hired two boys to look after them. The chicks are now one week old and have passed the stage with high mortality and we have only lost four chicks. I expect to use $1400 by the end of this exercise on vaccines, feed and labor, etc. Doing things this way we save $1600. Please pray for these baby chicks as they have now entered a stage where they eat like crazy. Our monthly budget will be cut by $400 starting this month until God provides again. Pray for his continued surprise way of providing. Through a special donation from one of our partners last month we met a need of food for churches in the refuge camp worth 5000kgs.

About three months ago, we received an unexpected donation/love offering of $5000 and decided to save that to pay for the girls' boarding education for a year. God really knew we needed it. I know some of you want to know how we will be using the classrooms under construction. We hope to finish them by the turn of the year in time for lower primary schools opening in 2022. These classes will be used by children in primary one, two and three. Our school will charge a fee to children from the community attending while continuing to provide free education to orphans and vulnerable children and creating work for widows. The classrooms will also help us to run summer Bible school and other trainings that are crucial to our work.

Currently we are working on raising an extra $1600 to complete the roofing and praise the Lord because the last update I got we are now $600 away from meeting that goal. WoHA would appreciate your giving towards these projects. The classrooms will have to be fully finished and the lower compound graded before the children can access them. We are also looking at creating a sports group for the Children.

After delivery of the chickens, our focus for this last part of the calendar year will be works at the Hope Center. Normally our funds are shared between community and Hope Center. If we devote funds to community works for two or three months, then the next two or three months, funds will be dedicated to the Hope Center. That’s how WoHA operates but of course when an emergency arises, we step up and help however we can.

Finally at the end of last month, my wife had a medical complication and the Lord had provided healing for her. We would appreciate your prayers on a regular basis for her.

In other news, I have been able to do two live stream videos with two of our partner churches were they were able to see the Hope Center and meet some of the children and receive songs from them. I am looking forward to acquiring better equipment to be able to provide a better connection.

Blessings to you all.

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