Schools Back in Session!

In 2017 Words of Hope Africa (WOHA) established The Hope Primary School. With all schools in Uganda, our school was closed in 2020 when government instituted the COVID-19 lockdown. Ugandan Primary schools were not permitted to reopen throughout most of 2020 and all of 2021.

During the lockdown WOHA finished repairs/upgrades on Hope Center and continued work on a three-room classroom building. We also retained two teachers to teach our eight orphans who live at the Center.

In January 2022 we began a new phase in our educational program. The school reopened on January 10, 2022, with a new name: Hope Leadership Academy (HLA). Our goal is the same—to see children excel in education, improve their quality of life, but ultimately, to see Christ reign in their lives!

HLA has now become a primary-three school, serving students three years old (when Ugandan children begin school) through third grade (up to ages 12/13). Six teachers, one head teacher, one cook, a school matron, two security guards make up our school staff of 11. WOHA orphans in primary four attend boarding schools in the city, returning to Hope Center during holidays.

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