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God’s Grace

From Enoch, the Words of Hope Country Director in Uganda:

“I really want to thank everyone who has been praying for Uganda and especially for my family and me. God has protected us. My wife and I and the kids are all well. Yesterday I talked to my father in-law, who is a police officer. (Policemen are at the forefront and can be highly exposed.) He is doing well. My Aunt Jolly is off oxygen and out of hospital now! The

children at the Hope Center are fully recovered.

And, Words of Hope Africa met our goal of giving $30 to 166 needy households for food, medicine and vitamins during this COVID surge. Thank you to all who gave!

The number of COVID cases has lowered in the past two weeks.

Unless something strange were to happen, we are anticipating some form of normalcy to return in the next ten days, once the President gives us another address and further guidelines.

God is good, and we continue to see His grace every day.

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