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Community Life Opens Again!

Uganda is emerging from its second COVID lockdown. At the beginning, Words of Hope Africa (WOHA) set a goal to meet the immediate needs of 166 vulnerable families. Through donations from around the world, WOHA was able to provide a $30 donation to all of these households. This provided medicine as needed, or food for two to three weeks.

Now, during the recovery process after the lockdown, WOHA has also been able to help the families in another way. We have sent each of the seven village communities that WOHA serves $100 to add to its lending program.

Village lending programs work this way: The village leaders control a savings fund for their village community. These leaders govern the lending programs, determining the interest rates and other conditions for the borrowers. Village membersare able to borrow from this fund to support their economic activities. Villagers can also contribute to the fund, if they are able.

If you would like to send a donation to help our efforts at the community level, please go to the donate page.

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