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A Plea for Prayers

Our God is Adequate! Christians in Uganda realize this and are calling out for His mercy and care as they go through this frightening COVID surge. Even the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, declared Friday, June 25, 2021, a National Prayer Day as the country battles a rise in Coronavirus infections.

Through prayers and donations received so far, Words of Hope Africa (WOHA) has been able to transfer US $30.00 to 84 households in the WOHA community whom we serve (see previous posts). Our goal is to reach at least another 84 families with help for food and medicine during Uganda’s COVID lockdown. After working tirelessly last week, sadly our Director in Uganda became ill himself. Now we urgently need your prayers for him and his family.

From the WOHA Ugandan Director, Enoch Kategaya:

It’s my turn to self-isolate. It’s really hard to be away from the kids. I am in our store house

this night.

Starting Sunday [June 27] I was really feeling unwell. When I went to the bank on Monday, I was checked with the temperature gun—39•c [102.2F]. I hurried to the pharmacy to buy medicine. The pharmacist quickly put me on preventive medicationrecommended by our Ministry of Health. This same medication is what we encouraged the villagers to buy with the money WOHA sent out, if they got sick.

This morning [Tuesday, June 29] my temperature hasgone down to 37.3c from 39 yesterday. I have no breathing problems. I am being taken care of in the best way possible. The National Drug Authority hasalso just approved a supportive medication called Covidex, developed by the university here in Mbarara. This will go a long away in helping our people. It’s cheap and readily available.

In Central Uganda yesterday on the news they showed families abandoning COVID bodies on

the streets in coffins because the families refused to bury them in fear of contracting the disease. That’s how bad it is in some villages.

Please pray with us for God’s mercy on our director, his family, those WOHA serves, and the whole Ugandan nation.

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